COVID-19: Moorestown Government Response

Moorestown Town Hall is closed until further notice. Correspondence, tax and other payments may be deposited in the silver mail drop box located on the wall beside the main entrance.

The Moorestown Township government and school district have acted to limit possible exposures to the covid-19 virus. Town Hall is closed to the public, while township employees continue to provide services. The Library is closed. Open areas of parks are open, but Parks and Recreation Department facilities are closed and programs have been suspended.

Moorestown Township Public Schools (856-778-6600) are closed and tentatively scheduled to reopen April 20. To-go lunches are available to students who qualify. Lunch order forms are available online and should be submitted by 10 p.m. Sunday nights, according to the district.

The township government, in a statement to the community, detailed the status of municipal departments and level of services available, and provided contact information for questions and information. Those details included:

  • Town Hall (856-235-0912): Closed to the public. Township employees will continue to deliver services, but on a limited basis. Mail and deliveries still will be accepted. Call with questions or to make appointments for necessary business with township employees.
  • Library (856-234-0333): Closed until further notice. The Library instructs patrons not to return books or drop off book donations during the closure. Library fines will be waived.
  • Parks and Recreation (856-914-3093): Open areas of parks, including Memorial Field, are open to the public; but department programs, athletic facilities, playing fields, playgrounds, recreation centers, and the dog park are closed until further notice. Residents are encouraged to exercise in open areas of parks, and cautioned to practice safe social distancing and not to gather in groups of 10 or more.
  • Police Department (856-235-1405): Officers and employees continue providing public safety and necessary services. Access to Police Department facility, 1245 N. Church St., Suite 2, is restricted. (For emergencies, call 911.)
  • Municipal Court (856-235-0922): The 3/18/20 and 3/25/20 court sessions have been postponed and will be rescheduled. Those who had business before the court on those dates will be notified by mail of new court dates.
  • Public Works (856-235-3520, Option #2): Employees continue providing services, but interactions with the public are limited. The Public Works Yard, 601 E. 3rd St., is open.
  • Taxes, Water and Sewer Payments (856-914-3008): Residents are encouraged to make payments online through the Tax Collection Department’s web page. Payments also may be dropped in the mail drop box located on the wall next to Town Hall’s front entrance.
  • Construction, Planning, and Zoning (856-914-3018): Inspections will continue on a limited basis. Life Hazard/Emergency inspections, new residential and commercial inspections, and outside inspections will continue. Permit pick-up and drop-off by appointment only.
  • Dog Licenses (856-235-0912): Licenses may be obtained on the township’s website. Payments may be dropped in the mail drop box located on the wall next to Town Hall’s front entrance.
  • Town Council, Boards, and Committees: Check the township’s website for up-to-date information on the status of upcoming meetings.

Moorestown residents should check the township and school district websites regularly for more information and updates.

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