COVID-19: Stay at Home in New Jersey

To limit the spread of covid-19, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has ordered all residents to stay at home until further notice, and has ordered all “non-essential” retail businesses to close.

The Governor’s 3/21/20 order exempts businesses classified as “essential,” and allows individuals to leave home for essential trips and to engage in outdoor activities.

Social gatherings are banned under the order, and individuals must practice social distancing in public, staying at least six feet from others.

Exceptions to the stay-at-home order for individuals include trips to obtain “essential goods or services, seeking medical attention, visiting family or close friends, reporting to work, or engaging in outdoor activities.”

“Essential” businesses and services listed below are exempt from the closure order and may remain open:

• Grocery stores, farmer’s markets and farms that sell directly to customers, and other food stores, including retailers that offer a varied assortment of foods comparable to what exists at a grocery store;
• Pharmacies and medical marijuana dispensaries;
• Medical supply stores;
• Gas stations;
• Convenience stores;
• Ancillary stores within healthcare facilities;
• Hardware and home improvement stores;
• Banks and other financial institutions;
• Laundromats and dry-cleaning services;
• Stores that principally sell supplies for children under five years;
• Pet stores;
• Liquor stores;
• Car dealerships, but only for auto maintenance and repair, and auto mechanics;
• Printing and office supply shops;
• Mail and delivery stores.

Information on the state’s response to covid-19 is available online here.

New Jersey residents with general covid-19 questions may call 2-1-1 between 7 a.m and 11 p.m.

New Jersey residents with clinical covid-19 questions may call 1-800-962-1253  anytime.

New Jersey residents may text NJCOVID to 898-211 to receive text alerts.

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