Free (the) Internet

In-home broadband internet service no longer is a luxury; it’s a necessity. We’ve known this for a long time. The covid-19 crisis only reinforces the point.

Philadelphia-based Comcast is reaching across the digital divide to those who previously couldn’t afford vital in-home internet, offering two free months of its Internet Essentials service to new customers who meet income eligibility requirements.

No contract or credit check is required. After two months, customers will be charged the standard monthly rate of $9.95 plus tax. The service may be canceled at any time.

Eligible customers have until April 30th to apply.

Comcast employees are observing social distancing and limiting person-to-person contact. So, Comcast will deliver installation kits, but customers will be required to install the kits inside their homes. (There’s a video for that.)

Verizon also offers discounted internet service through NJ Shares.

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